Cameron Diaz

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Cameron Diaz's style is difficult to pen down because she has her own sense of style, she wears whatever she feels like and doesn't dress to impress anyone else. So while her style is usually casual it can also be quirky and free-spirited, as well as glamorous. Cameron isn't about trying to look sexy or overdone, there's a naturally playful feel to her and her look. Cameron Diaz dressup facts: If you want to get Cameron's style it works to have great legs like her because she loves to show them off in super short mini-dresses, both day and night. The necklines for these mini dresses really don't matter, they range from boat-neck, square-neck, crew-neck, halters and even tube tops with sweetheart necklines. Even though she can bare a lot of skin the 5'10 actress (who typically wears her minis with stilettos) never comes off looking like a tart in her minis because of her lithe frame. But it's also because she sticks to looser breezier fabrics (instead of clingy ones) that don't reveal her entire shape. Or she'll choose mini dresses that are made from thicker, stiffer fabrics in styles constructed to frame her body without showing every bulge. For special events like movie premieres or awards shows Cameron takes a totally different approach to fashion and will go with long, floor grazing gowns, but she's also apt to throwing on a pair of trousers - find out all these in the fun girl games that we have for you. It's also no big secret that she loves jeans, wearing them dressed up or down. Her style has always maintained a flair of California girl next door style. Her outfits are mostly very easy to replicate because of the basic items she uses. Jeans for example is a staple piece in any wardrobe. Cameron styles it with double breasted jacket. Basic colors are use. She enhances her look with small details - gold buttons, leopard print heels and a big bag. Details like this does not overshadow her whole simplistic look. Now have fun and dress Cameron Diaz for a day in the sun!!!

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