Middle Ages Girl Dressup

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It is the Middle Ages, a time of Magic, dragons, princesses and knights. The Darkness is fighting to take over the world and conquer all the human hopes. But Camelot, under the wise and brave rule of King Arthur is fighting against this plague, pushing it back towards the North. Nevertheless, today in Camelot very concerning news has arrived: the eastern ally, King Robert has fallen. The entire kingdom of Camelot is in grave danger, as the army is far up north and only few are left to protect the city. And this is not one of those scary girl games or stories.

It is decided: the King must be informed about the new situation. But every available man that can fight is vital in these circumstances. So who will be the messenger? One young and beautiful girl, Gwynethene decides to play this dangerous part and complete the task. Everybody is amazed by her courage and determination. Is she really decided to risk her life for a chance to save the Camelot? You bet she is.

Gwynethene is preparing for the road. The task is not an easy one: she has to take enough to survive for the journey but not too much as it will slow her down. And definitely, she doesn’t want that. There are too many dangers on the road. So she is busy with everything and needs as much help as she can get. She is conscious that this time is not one of the girl games she used to play with her friends when she was a kid. This is real.

As our heroine is already very busy, help her getting dressed up. She must wear light clothes but at the same time she must be well armed and try to blend in with the landscape. And please keep in mind that even in these sorrow times she is very pretentious about her look. In the end, this is the only feminine luxury that she can afford.

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