Pirate Girl Dressup

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About this game:

Roquelle is a beautiful young lady that appreciates all the girly things that make life beautiful. Most of all she loves fashion, trying out new outfits as often as she has the chance. But that doesn’t happen as often as she’d like it, because she is the captain of a pirate ship. All her crew is respecting her because she’s fearless in battles but also because she looks awesome all the time.

Even if she now has a very agitated and rough life, Roquelle remembers the girl games she was playing when she was a little child. The dresses she was trying out, the laughs she had with her friends, the wonderful feeling she had. She misses all that from time to time. So today, when the ship must go in the port for food and drinks, she will take some time off for herself. As she needs some more crew, she is decided to hire a fashion stylist that will keep her company and will create gorgeous dresses just for her.
Glad as a girl that plays girl games all day long, Roquelle stepped on land with impatience and confidence. She already had a plan on selecting the best stylist around: make a contest. As the ship will be docked in the port for a couple of days, she will ask all the interested people to create her the best outfits they can imagine. This little contest will be expensive, but at least she is confident she will pick the best from all the contestants.

So what do you say? Interested in a life of adventure? Don’t hesitate then. Participate to the contest. Pick the best outfits for Roquelle and she might just recruit you!

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