Rock Concert Dressup

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Jeozelle is a beautiful young lady that wants to go out with friends tonight. This is going to be the first concert of her life. And is exactly the kind of music she listens all day long: Rock Music! So as you can imagine, Joezelle is very excited about the event. She took out all the clothes from the dresser and put them all around. Now she looks a little disoriented to all the outfits and can’t decide what to wear.

Even since she was just a little child Joezelle dreamt about this moment. She played thousands of girl games with this topic, imagining how she will go for the first time to the concert, stand right next to the scene and dance all night long. She was envious on her older friends as they were going out to listen rock music, but her parents didn’t agree until now to let her participate. But tonight is THE night.

Help Joezelle decide on the outfit. She wants to be trendy but at the same time she wants to stand out from the crowd. Maybe one of the cute guys from the formation will notice her and she will have the opportunity to go back stage, meet the band and talk to them directly. Oh! This is more than she could dare to dream of! But after all, everything is possible tonight!

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