Fairy Moonglitter Dressup

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Tonight the moon is bigger and closer than ever. Her light spreads a magical beam on all the living and non-living things on Earth. It seems that even the wind stopped for a moment to admire this fantastic view. Nothing is moving. Everything is frozen in time, in a warm and extraordinary ambiance. But suddenly, in the king’s garden you can hear many tiny voices, like little bells singing. Going closer, passing by the a fallen leaf, going around a high grass straw and hopping over a small water drop that shines into the moonlight you arrive in a hidden clearing where thousands of fairies are having a tremendous party!

They are talking and laughing, dancing and playing lots of different girl games for fun and for testing their abilities. But it seems that everyone expect one very important guest. If it is to guess, I suppose it is about the Moonglitter Fairy. She is the fairy goddess’s messenger and travels by moonbeam. She can only be seen by mortals in the light of a shooting star. The rumors say that she will be joining the party tonight and she will also bring a very important message from the Queen.

But the Moonglitter is getting late. She is undecided on what to wear on this special occasion. In all the girl games she played, dressing different fairies or even celebrities, she has seen so many beautiful outfits that she cannot decide. Help her choose the best combination of clothes, shoes and even wings to look her best for the fairy gathering in the king’s garden.

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