Salsa Latino Party Makeup

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Roelen is a young lady that loves to dance. Since she was a little girl, she was charmed by the magic of the music and by the talent of the dancers she has seen. In her child eyes she was picturing a ravishing ball room, full of lights, mirrors and beautifully dress people. She was in the middle of them, treated and admired as a princess is. Everybody was anxiously waiting for her to dance… But dancing is far more complex that any of the girl games she played.


When she has grown, she understood that behind her beautiful dream there is a lot of hard work required. For a few years now, she works very hard taking dancing lessons each day. The dance is not only magic and natural talent. A lot of technical aspects need to be considered. The body posture, the expression of the face, the delicate hand gestures, the makeup


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Dancing is definitely one of the most popular girl games, until a certain age. But taking everything seriously, Roelen started to treat dance as different from the girl games she was mixing it with at the beginning. She paid attention to the little details that transform a rhythmic movement on the music into art. And now, all her efforts are paying off. Her merits have been recognized. Her dream is coming true. For her, from now on, dancing is serious and not part of the girl games anymore.


Roelen has been invited to dance at the opening of the Salsa Latino Party that is organized each year in Rio. This honor is granted only to the most talented artists ever! She could not believe it. In all her dreams, during all the girl games she played, she could never dare to think this could become real. Everybody will be with their eyes on her. So she must look impeccable! The dress is no problem, as she already has it. But the makeup… she could really use your help on this.

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