Wedding Makeup

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This amazing bride is preparing for her wedding ceremony.  Today it is the most important day of her life, so she needs help to look like a princess. The dress is amazing! The shoes are like Cinderella’s.  But there is a major problem: our bride is not too experienced with the makeup. So please help her do the makeup, hair style and choose suitable nail color. Also pay special attention to her lips. Make sure she looks gorgeous when she walks into the ball room! All you have to do is play with her like in the girl games you love so much! Try different combinations until you find the perfect one!

What makes a perfect bride look? Could it be the chic, ravishing wedding gown or maybe the bride's gorgeous make up look or rather her exquisite bride accessories such as preciously looking hair accessories or refined pearl jewels? I would say that all these chic, sophisticated fashion items put together create the perfect bride fashion look that you'll actually get to create while playing this lovely, one of the best girl games!

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