Goth Wedding

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About this game:

Luna is a young lady that is going to get married soon. She is very happy about this event, but at the same time she has some wishes that don’t seem to fit in the general picture. Luna loves the Goth related activities, look and outfits. Since she was just a child, she played lots of girl games about this topic, and later on she grew up loving more and more each day the Goth style.

But these days everybody thinks about a wedding as a very joyful moment, with lots of sparkles, lights and glamour. White or colorful dresses are everywhere. Jewelries that sparkle into the light can be seen on the bride and also on all the ladies at the party. And Luna likes this too. She is very happy and loves her future husband very much! But she also dreams to have a different wedding. Happy and joyful, but at the same time a little sober, dignified and with the moment appreciated at his real value. So, she actually wants a Goth wedding.

So she gets to work. After talking with her beloved to make sure they are on the same page, she starts thinking about a suitable place for the wedding and also about her possible outfits. Her inspiration comes from the girl games she loved so much when she was little. Help her choose the perfect color and outfit for her special day, so he can see her dream coming true and also follow the general guidelines for such an event.

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